My Favorite Mascaras

As a makeup artist I get asked A LOT about my go-to mascara. Even more so now that my company just released a ground breaking serum that makes your lashes look longer. The truth is, I don’t have just one! I mix it up everyday depending on how I am feeling, where I am going and how many coats I want to apply.

A lot of times I will also apply one coat of one mascara and second coat of a different one. Some formulas and brushes are better suited for length while others are better for volume. The trick is to find a formula that come with a brush you love.

Here are my top nine picks to make your lashes look luscious!

Side note- expensive doesn’t ALWAYS mean better! I have found tons of drugstore mascaras that work just as well– and sometimes better– than high end!


MAYBELLINE sensational 

I love the brush on this one– it really allows you to get into the corners and lift your lashes.

WET N WILD max volume 

The cheapest and the BEST drugstore mascara I have found! The brush separates and this formula never seems to clump.

MAYBELLINE push up falsies 

This formula is thick– but I like it since it allows me to give two quick coats with great coverage. The brush also separates and lifts.

COVER GIRL supersizer 

The best thing about this brush is that it is small. You’ll be able to reach the inner corner lashes, which will make your eyes seem larger and more open.

BOBBI BROWN extreme party mascara 

Bobbi didn’t lie- this mascara is extreme for sure. The brush (and even the tube) and so thick and may feel funny when you’re applying. But two coats of this formula and your lashes will POP!

TOO FACED better than sex 

A cult favorite… for a reason! Try and and you’ll see why.

LANCOME grandiose extreme 

Doesn’t this brush look so funny? As strange as it may seem it is actually one of the best! You will be able to find every lash you have while lifting the out corners AND getting into the insider corner with ease.

BENEFIT they’re real 

An all-time favorite of mine. I love using this formula on my clients. It never clumps, isn’t too thick and the brush is just perfection.

L’OREAL superstar 

I use this one EVERY SINGLE DAY. My #1 current favorite. Sometimes I use side #1 (the primer) but most days  just apply side #2 and I find that this brush and formula gives great volume AND length.

What is your go-to mascara? Which one are you excited to try here? Tell me in the comments!

My favorite makeup products of 2015!

Here are most favorite makeup products of 2015! A mix of stand-by staples and new additions have made the list, and I am sure you will love them as well. Whether you are still searching for the perfect gift or want to create a fabulous New Years Eve look, these products are going to get the job done!



Hands down the most beautiful foundation! A dewy formula allows it to lay gorgeously on the skin and give an airbrushed finished. A bit of an investment but worth it for special days/events.


I have been suggesting this lip color all year long, and for a good reason! It is long-lasting and the color is the perfect shade of on-trend mauve. It happens to also look great on many different skin tones.


Loreal’s Infallible shadows are some of the drugstore’s most highly pigmented, high performing cosmetics. I love how smooth and creamy these powder shadows are. Iced Latte is my favorite shade right now, but they are all beautiful, rich metallic shades.


NARS blush has been a staple in both my person and professional kit for years. My favorite shades include Orgasm (great for all skin tones), Deep Throat, and Angelika.


A fluffy, full powder brush is a makeup-bag necessity! Use it for contouring, bronzer, setting powder or finishing powder. Sigma was one of my favorite brands to purchase brushes from in 2015.


Marc Jacobs has managed to create a refreshing, hydrating primer that not only smoothes the skin but keeps it feeling fresh all day long. Makeup will stay on longer and your skin will look more youthful.


This is my current favorite palette. I have been suggesting this one to my clients for weeks now because the colors are neutral yet on trend. It makes a perfect gift for the makeup-lover in your life. The mix of mattes and shimmers will help them create countless looks.


Setting your foundation and concealer is key to extending the life and longevity of your handiwork. I love the feel of Laura Mercier’s translucent powder– so silky! It will prevent creasing and cracking and create a smoother surface for brush, bronzer and highlighter.


Speaking of highlighters… this is by FAR my absolute favorite. I just discovered it a few months ago and it has replaced my holy-grail highlighter in my pro kit. Perfect for that New Year’s Eve glow!

What makeup products have you used and reused all year long?

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Happy New Year!

Stitch Fix Review- June 2015


I have officially been a Stitch Fix subscriber for one full year!

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers five handpicked pieces to you each month. When you sign up you complete a survey that assesses what you love, what to hate and what you can’t live without. A stylist is assigned to you and based on your answers she sends you clothing and accessories that she thinks you’d want to wear. There is a $20 styling fee per fix, which can be applied toward your purchase should you choose to keep any of the items.

If you are like me you get super excited when you see a package at your doorstep. I love getting my monthly fix because it is always a surprise when I open that box. Sometimes my stylist totally gets me. Like when she sent me a black RD Style sweater that I already had in cream and NEEDED to find in another color. Or when she shipped me a faux leather reversible tote that was brown on one side and black on the other (that is forever my bag battle– which color do I get!?). It is like she read my mind for those fixes.

But sometimes, like this month, I really wish I could read HER mind to know what she was thinking when she put my fix together! Here are my thoughts on all of the items in my fix!

Bay to Baubles Misha Floral Gem Necklace, $34 


My first thought is “pretty” and my second is “I think I have something like it already.” But pretty nonetheless, and I have been really big into statement jewelry lately. I like that it is purple and gold (two of my favorite colors) so I am considering keeping it if nothing else works out. Lately I have kept some of the accessory items only because I didn’t want to lose my $20 styling fee. The necklace is certainly my style, I’m just not sure if I NEED it. On to the next item in the box…

Market & Spruce Short Sleeve Tee, $44


As soon as I pulled this out I knew I didn’t want it. I am generally not a tee shirt kind of gal, but I decided to try this one on anyway because it was soft and I loved color. I’m not a fan of the fit or length and I just can’t justify spending $44 on a tee shirt. A little pricey for such a Plain Jane top. Not keeping for sure!

Ezra Maud Mixed Material Knit Top, $48 


At first glance this top isn’t so bad. I like that it is roomy and has a little flare at the bottom (I usually gravitate tops with this silhouette), so I am not opposed to trying it on. Once it is on I hate it. I feel like I look like a little girl wearing an adult sized version of one of my back to school outfits from the third grade. The mix of patterns is fun but possibly a little too juvenile for me. Back in the box it goes!

Kut From The Kloth Danny Pant, $68 (also pictured above)

These are really comfy! Not too high and not too low– actually a perfect rise! They are basically a knit ponte pant with lots of stretch. As a makeup artist I really appreciate a stretchy and comfy black pant that don’t look like slacks. This pair can be dressed up to the point where I look professional but not like I am about to head in to a board meeting. If I didn’t already have a bunch of pants just like these I would have kept them. A great fit!

Moon Collection Bailee Poncho, $58


Here is the pièce de résistance of the entire fix– the Bailee Poncho. When I saw a bulky sweater in the box I said to myself “You have GOT to be kidding me!” For those of you (including my stylist) that don’t know, I live on Long Island, about a stone’s throw away from the beach. It is June (and officially summer as of yesterday) and it is HOT. If I wore this poncho out now, even if it was let’s say a “mild” day of 70 degrees, everyone would look at me like I was CRAZY. That point aside, I LOVE IT! I love, love, LOVE the color. And the fit. I even love how soft it feels. I want to keep it but I am not sure if it makes sense. The color is super summery and I have a small obsession with coral, but can I really wear it in the fall? Is it too summery for fall but too wintery for summer?! That is why I need your help!

Help me decide what to keep– the poncho or the necklace? Leave me a note in the comments with which one you think is the better buy! Remember, I get to apply my $20 fee, so the necklace would be $14 and the poncho would be $38.

Overall this fix was certainly not my favorite. After a year of fixes I can honestly say there has not been one shipment that I really wanted to keep all five pieces (if you do you get 25% off your entire purchase!). Some fixes have been better than others and I usually end up loving one, maybe two items. The quality of the clothing is quite good and there are brands that I know and love like Olive & Oak, Just Black Jeans and Street Level. I like the personalized service and the fun of trying on the pieces each month. I will for sure continue to get fixes through the next year!

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself you can sign up here!! Try it and tell me what you think!


Still looking for a resolution for 2014? Resolve to take better care of your skin and give GLAMGLOW a try. Here’s why:

I was a little hesitant to try a GLAMGLOW mask. The price tag is hefty ($69) and some of the reviews were mixed BUT with nearly 800 views on, I was intrigued. With a little more research I found that GLAMGLOW has a celebrity cult following and has garnered a lot of press over the last few months. When I received gift cards for Christmas I decided it was finally time to take the plunge.

GLAMGLOW’s directions are simple: start with a clean face, apply your mask and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Maybe too simple. The time range they suggest is pretty wide and there is no description of what you should expect to see. Here is how I applied my mask and what I saw so that you know what to expect:

I washed my face with a glycolic cleanser and my Clarisonic Mia. I patted my face until it was totally dry and then applied a thin layer of the GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment. It started out black and dried to a light green. As it dried the mask became hard and tight. If the mask feels uncomfortable and stiff that means it is working! It is drawing out the oil in your pores.

Here is what says the mask is doing when it is drying:

“Powerful, skin-clearing mud visibly draws out dirt and congestion while a proprietary six-acid blend dramatically brightens and softens skin. It works to magnetically draw out dirt and pores with Activated-X Charcoal, leaving skin smooth and healthy-looking. “

Screenshot 2014-01-07 at 8.39.53 PM

Me with my GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask halfway dried.

I didn’t think that the drying process was uncomfortable at all and I left my mask on for the full 20 minutes. The only con about this mask is that it is a little tricky to take off; since it is green it can be a bit messy. I first washed it off manually and then I went back in with my Clarisonic (just for a few seconds) to make sure I took everything off, especially around my hairline.


GLAMGLOW makes a few different masks but this is the one I used. The Clearing mask is great for people with oily or problem skin. I have cystic acne so this mask is great for more.

I really enjoyed using this mask. I felt like my skin was refreshed and polished (not to mention SUPER soft!!) after I washed it off. My breakouts have been controlled since using the mask (this was about four days ago and we are still going strong!) and I would highly recommend this to someone with problem skin like mine.

Is it worth the price tag? I think so! GLAMGLOW notes that you should expect to get about 17 masks out of this tiny jar. If you do the math that is about $4 a treatment- cheaper than a latte at Starbucks.

My final judgement? Skip coffee once a week and invest in a jar of GLAMGLOW. Your skin will thank you! You can read more about GLAMGLOW here and purchase it at Sephora here (if you use it once and decide you don’t love it Sephora will take back any used product as long as you have your receipt).

Want to try it before you buy the entire jar? You can purchase a sample set on GLAMGLOW’s website here, which includes three of their best selling products.

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and I purchased this mask with my own funds. I was not paid to review this product.

One more thing before I go…

By adding a weekly mask treatment to your skin routine you can see major improvements in just one month! Think younger, fresher and blemish free skin just by slapping some mud on your face for a few minutes! PS- think of your mask time as a spa retreat. Light some candles, pour some bath salts and sit back and relax in a bath while your mask dries. It can easily become part of your “me” time- and everyone can use more “me” time!

REVIEW: COVERGIRL Bombshell Mascara

If you still believe that you NEED to spend $20+ on a department store mascara for you to have amazing lashes, let me convince you otherwise.

I change my mascara weekly. This is not because I want to– I just haven’t found a formula that wows me. It seems as though every mascara that has a cult following just doesn’t impress me. I never understood the hype behind Dior Show and Givenchy’s little ball wand. I do however, really like Benefit’s They’re Real (I use this on almost all my clients because it literally will take even the smallest lashes and magnify them, like 400%!). That is the ONLY mascara that I will pay over $10 for because as a makeup artist it sames me time (I usually only need 2 coats and only have about 2 seconds to apply– so it works). But I don’t even use They’re Real on myself everyday because my lashes are already pretty dark and long. I just don’t have super thick lashes. That being said, I often end up trying drugstore mascaras whenever I see a new one out.

I just discovered COVERGIRL’s new Bombshell Mascara and I LOVE it. Seriously, we are in a full-on committed relationship right now and I am addicted. Here’s why:

As good as They’re Real is in the lengthening department, it can’t even hold a candle to Bombshell in all other respects.

  • COVERGIRL’s formula is SUPER buildable (meaning you can literally apply TEN COATS and it will NOT get clumpy)
  • The two sided wand helps you achieve perfect coverage
  • The shorter wand length allows you to get those TINY lashes in the corner of your eyes to really OPEN them up and make you look WIDE awake!
  • Add lots of volume and makes you look like you have tons of lashes.
  • Oh, and it lasts all day. No running.


The major selling point of this mascara for me personally is that you can build it. Maybe one day I just want a natural look and then the next I want to go all out with diva lashes. You can do both with this one mascara. This makes it great for traveling and saves room in your makeup bag. Also, the tube is purple. And I love purple.

Here are my lashes after applying Bombshell in this configuration: 3 coats of side one, 5 coats of side 2 on each lash.



As a makeup artist I highly recommend you check this mascara out! As your average makeup lover I really think that this is one of the best drugstore finds for 2013!!! It is super affordable and it WORKS! No false promises here– just the look of false lashes!

You can buy Bombshell Mascara at Walgreens here. Use the code NEWYOU14 for 14% off!

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and I purchased this mascara with my own funds. I was not paid to review this product.

One more thing before I go…

Just because something is super expensive doesn’t necessarily means it is “the best.”

Just because something is super inexpensive doesn’t mean it wont work well.

Think about it!