Dining Room Makeover

It is pretty amazing what a few small changes can do! Today I took a look at our home when we first bought it. Without doing any renovations we were able to transform it into something totally new and fresh! I will be posting different rooms here, but today I will start with my favorite– the dining room!

I will admit, I love the aqua color, but it was the color of our bedroom in our last two homes so I decided we needed a change. I wanted a more neutral, rustic look for the dining area, so I went with a muted grey/beige paint.

Ever since I could remember I wanted a farmhouse table. I fell IN LOVE with this one from Pier 1. It is really so beautiful. The two side chairs and bench are also from Pier 1 and the end chairs are from T.J. Maxx.

My light fixture was something I had also been lusting after. Isn’t it pretty and unique? I loved the look of the floating candles. Plus, it was UNDER $200!!! Great find!

Finally my gallery wall is just dollar store mirrors and finds from Home Goods! I just collected them over the past few months. I feel like it makes the room look so much bigger!

What do you think of my before and after?! Scroll down for links to get my style!






Christmas Decor Tour

My favorite thing about Christmas is that you create this magical, beautiful world that you get to live in and enjoy for a few weeks! The softness of the lights combined wit the glitter accents and scent of pine from a fresh tree is heaven in your home.

This year I decorated two trees– one is an artificial simple pencil tree with poinsettias, plaid ribbon and just a few gold ornaments. The other is a fresh tree with a candy land theme.








For a simple centerpiece I found inexpensive ornaments and ball fillers at Michael’s and put them in a circle tray with a silk floral arrangement I already had in.


I love picking a theme for my tree each year. Although it may sound expensive to buy new ornaments year after year it really isn’t! Make an investment in some good quality ball ornaments in both red/green/white and gold/silver/bronze. These are versatile and can be used for many themes. Shatter-proof sets are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at the beginning of every season in nearly every store that stocks holiday decor. If you are lucky you may even be able to snag some on sale after the holidays! I have seen really great sets at Kmart, CVS and Michael’s.

Picks, ribbon and other fillers are inexpensive enough that you can repurchase for your theme each year. I throw my ribbon away after the holiday since I cut it for the exact length of my tree and each year we get a fresh one, so size will vary. If you have an artificial tree you can save your ribbon– just store in a place where it will not get flattened.  I have a set of picks I like to use no matter what theme I am doing (feathers, beaded, curly) and then I add in themed-picks. This year it was the peppermint balls, last year it was bronze leaves.

CUPCAKE ORNAMENT from above [they are from Fortunoff, couldn’t find them online]… SIMILAR 

Ribbon is the quickest way to make your tree look fuller and more festive. I use green pipe cleaners (yep— the kid’s craft kind!) to secure each piece of ribbon in place. Sure, it takes a little extra time but the results are worth it!

Just a note— wired ribbon is BEST for trimming a tree. It will bend easily and allow you to get that pretty “wave” effect that you see in my photos. It  is also easier to handle and work with.

Try this order to make tree-trimming easier: Lights, ribbon, picks/stems (these are also great to fill in a sparse tree), decorative ornaments (like my cupcakes above), basic ball ornaments, large filler balls (see above, bottom right hand corner) and finally thin picks or feathers at the top to create dimension.


Mirrors and mirrored furniture will make any space look wider and larger. This gem was a sale find at Pier 1 last year. I will never grow tired of it!


I keep these branches in my entryway all year long. The basin, which you can’t see here, is a copper oversized milk can that I found at a garage sale over the summer. You can use any milk can or vase to hold your branches. The birch and thinner branches are TJ Maxx finds. The glitter branches were $10 each at Pier 1. I couldn’t find them on the website for you but I am sure if you bring this photo into your local store they can help you find them. If you didn’t want to mix the real branches with the glitter you could just do ALL sparkly ones. This is how Pier 1 had them displayed and it was GORG!!!




And finally my favorite ornament of the season— a reminder that in 2015 was the year we purchased our first home. Bonus, it fit the candy land theme of my second tree so well!

Wishing you a warm holiday that is filled with love, laughter, light and time spent with those you love the most!

From our home to yours,

The Paradiso Family


Christmas Magic

I LOVE the Christmas season! I start getting excited about it way in advance. Anyone that says “It is TOO EARLY for Christmas in October” is a nut! Why wouldn’t you want the beauty and the magic that the Christmas season seems to bring to last longer than just 25 days?

It should be Christmas everyday. Or at least we should feel this season of giving and love more often than just once a year.

Aside from all the feels, I love Christmas for the… you guessed it…


The tree, the garland, the perfectly place ornaments.

It is totally my jam.

I am still working on decorating my own house (we are getting our tree this weekend!) but here is some gorgeous, drool-worthy decor inspiration. I will post my own pictures and decor with links after the weekend!

I hope this holds you over for now!




Easy Holiday Entertaining

I’m back! We are finally all settled in our new home. I promise that I will post photos and some details on my decor very soon. Thanks for patiently waiting for the next STYLEgloss!

All this packing and unpacking made me forget just how close we are to the holiday season— I mean Halloween is less than a week away. That means Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so are all the fixings that come along with it.

I really enjoy entertaining and cooking for a crowd, although I admit it sometimes does get overwhelming. Whether you are hosting your family’s annual Thanksgiving feast or just inviting a few friends over for wine and cheese I have some great tips and products to make it all a bit easier. Here are my picks for entertaining and ideas on simple get-togethers– any excuse for a party!


Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.19.16 PM

Creating a beautiful Pinterest-inspired tablescape can not only be super time consuming but it also not always practical. If you are serving a big meal you still want lots of room for all your serving platters and place settings. In this case I think less is more. I love the soft ambient lighting that you can only achieve with candles. This five piece flameless set is awesome because you can create a beautiful centerpiece of scatted tablescape just by adding a few silk leaves or flowers. Flameless also gives you piece of mind not having to worry about any of your gusts knocking into them as they pass the turkey.

A  S I M P L E  S T A R T

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.17.54 PM

A cheese board is the ultimate appetizer for any get together. Something as simple as cheese and crackers can be elevated to an elegant starter just through presentation. This cheese board serving set is convenient and takes the guess work out how to create a beautiful display. Keep cheese, crackers and a bottle of wine on hand throughout the season so that you can throw together this simple board when unexpected company drops in.

Host tip: When creating a charcuterie and cheese platter you want to maintain balance. Select 3-5 varieties of cheese (hard, creamy, nutty, sharp- the more variation the better) and pair with cold meats like prosciutto, speck or salami.  Add salty cured olives, nuts or grapes plus crostini to complete the platter. 

W I G G L E  R O O M

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.20.02 PM

This foldable cart is perfect if your kitchen is lacking in extra counter space or you just need a little extra room. It stores flat so it takes up virtually no room when you are no using it. Create a baking station closer to your oven or use it as a coffee and dessert cart. It is super affordable and comes in four colors!

Host Tip: How fun would it be to roll in a cart filled with sweets from top to bottom when it is time for dessert? Display cakes, cookies, candy and mini pastries on the top two shelves and dessert plates, forks and knives on the bottom. 

S W E E T  E N D I N G

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.21.43 PM

If your home is anything like mine, holidays are always associated with baking– a lots of it! Create beautifully decorated cookies and cakes with these insanely easy to use silicone decorating bottles and tips. I love using these on even the simplest of cupcakes to make them feel just a little bit more special.

Host Tip: Bake box mix cupcakes in pretty holiday-themed liners. Pipe store bought frosting onto each cake using one of the bottles and tips from the set above. Finish with sparkly sprinkles like these to dress up your average cupcake! 

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.20.22 PM

Harry London chocolates are essentially synonymous with the holiday season. This pretty tin filled with delicious buckeyes is a fun way to serve a sweet treat after dinner or makes a great hostess gift if you are visiting friends. I like to keep a few on hand each year.

E X C E P T I O N A L  S E R V I C E

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.21.20 PM

This pumpkin tureen does double duty- it looks pretty on your table and it can also be used as a:

 wine chiller– just add ice.

punch bowl– try this apple pie sangria recipe!

 self-service soup pot– be sure to place a bowl at each table setting.

centerpiece– add silk or fresh flowers.

S P O T  O N

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 5.03.28 PM

How adorable is this teapot? It is a piece that you can keep on your cooktop all year long but also is a beautiful way to serve your guests tea during dessert.

G E T  C O O K I N’

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 5.05.00 PM

Allow me to introduce you to the world’s best kitchen sidekick– The Ninja! You can use this as a stovetop, a slow cooker or a roaster. Slow cooking allows you to free up your oven (especially if your turkey or ham is hogging all the real estate) and helps to pace your prep prior to dinner. I use my slow cooker at least once a week in the winter– it is a great kitchen staple that you won’t regret investing in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 5.10.19 PM

Many of you may already have a KitchenAid mixer and you know just how easy it makes life. If you don’t have one or need to upgrade my advice is… do it! You will be so happy you did.

S I M P L E  G A T H E R I N G S

Here are a few fun ideas for fall and holiday soirees…

pumpkin carving party 

potluck friends-giving

harvest dinner

holiday cookie exchange 

gift wrapping get together

What tips or tools make your life easier during the holiday season? Share them with me! #STYLEglossblog.

DIY: Floral Wreath

It’s true what they say…

Why buy it for $20 online when you can drive to the craft store, search through dozens of aslies, stock up on everything you need for a project and make it yourself for $100? 

I’ve fallen into that trap many times. But there is something so satisfying when you DIY a project yourself. 

I love making these easy floral wreaths. I made one for spring/summer that I am about to retire so I figured I would cash in on some of the Labor Day Sales and craft one for fall. 

Trust me, it looks more complicated than it actually is! Anyone can make a wreath like this, even if you are not so artistically inclined. I promise! 

Here is what you’ll need: 

– 1 styrofoam wreath (I am working on a medium sized one buy pick the size that will fit your door the best). 

– a variety of stems (pick your favorite color palette. I did creams, oranges and purples, but deep reds, yellows, greens and blues are all beautiful this time of year). 

**note- you’ll have to estimate the number of stems you will need for the size wreath you pick. Try to eyeball it but save your receipts incase you have anything you don’t use. 

– hot glue gun 

– spray paint (optional) 

Here is my set up! All of my stems and my wreath. Before you get started you can opt to spray paint your wreath to disguise any spots that may end up a little bare at the end. Today I skipped this step but if I had more time I would have painted the wreath gold. 

First thing you’ll have to do is remove the flowers from the stems. In most cases they will just pop right off but if they don’t you can just cut them. 

Keep taking them all off until you have enough to complete your wreath. I used up all of my flowers and taupe leaves in this case. 

Once you are all set with your flowers you can begin to lay our your wreath. The easiest way to do this is to stick the ends of each flower into the wreath where you want to glue them down. If you decide to change the position of any flower you can do it before actually gluing them down. 

Keep going until your entire wreath is full. Once you have added all the flowers it’s time to glue them down! I like to pick a starting point and work my way around the wreath, taking out each flower individually, applying glue to the end and then inserting the flower stem back into the hole you created when you initially pushed it into the styrofoam. 

After you have glued everything down it’s time to add the leaves! Insert and glue down leaves and fillers any place you think needs a little extra something! 

Check to make sure every flower and leaf is secure (don’t worry— the hot glue will withstand wind, rain and even snow!! Your wreath will be just fine on your door all season long, although you may think it seems a little flimsy). 

You can add a pretty bow or glue down other pieces like glittered pumpkins or acorns. I kept mine simple this time but a burlap bow would be super cute! 

All finished! How easy was that?! 


Let me know if you decide to make your own! I purchased all my supplies at Michaels today because stems were 40% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon. The stems and the wreath cost me $35. I had the hot glue gun already so total cost was only $35! 

And just for some more inspiration here is the spring version I made back in April! 


Labor Day Sale Picks: Pier 1

Nothing makes me happier than a great Labor Day sale. All this week I am scouting out my favorite finds from sales that have already started. Today we kick off the week with one of my main obsessions in life, Pier 1.

Pier 1 is offering 20% off select items. If you are a Pier 1 card holder the best day of the week to shop the sale would be tomorrow. You’ll save an additional 10% since it is Platinum Perks Tuesday! Click here to see all the offerings and keep reading to find out which ones I have eyes on! 

Addyson Chair, $314 

This chair is everything. It would add a pop of color to any room without being too overwhelming. In person the print is STUNNING. It would be beautiful in an entry way or reading nook.

Antler Wall Panel, $215 


Visit my house and you’ll quickly learn that my decor style is rustic-chic. I love this “reclaimed wood” wall art because it would make my husband happy (he’s a hunter) while still fitting in with the rest of our house.

Mr. & Mrs. Pillows, $24-$28

LOVE this set! Would also make a beautiful wedding or shower gift! They also come in a “His and Her” set and in black so you can match it back to your bedding. I just love anything champagne, so I picked this color way.

Happy Wall Decor, $40 

An inexpensive and sweet reminder of what is important! Everyone should have one of these signs in their home. Also a great gift for a housewarming or newly engaged couple that won’t break the bank!!

Words of Welcome Doormat, $30

Usher in the season with this pretty doormat. I love that the natural coir (which I find cleans off soles the best!) is surrounded by rubber, making this a mat that will last a while.

Pre-Lit Vine Pumpkins, $50-$80

Last year I bought a vine pumpkin from Michael’s but it was not indoor/outdoor like these are. I love the idea of stacking three and placing them right outside my front door. Perhaps with a few straw bales and real pumpkins later on in the season. These are a rustic and simple way to decorate for fall and can be reused year after year.

Witch Hat Wreath, $56 

Seriously… I just love this wreath! How cute?! I have a version from last year’s line sans witch hat. My husband calls it my “prized possession” because I take such good care of it. What can I say? I love Halloween! Pier 1 wreaths are exceptional quality. All of the outdoor items I have ever purchased from Pier 1 look brand new season after season.

There you have it! My favorites that I am sure to be checking out tomorrow! Did you shop the sale yet? See anything you know you’ll be adding to your cart? Let me know which pieces you are loving!

On the mark…

Arrows make me happy. They instantly remind me of the Kasey Musgrave’s song “Follow Your Arrow” and that also makes me happy. Here are my picks to incorporate directionals into every aspect of your life, whether you want to buy them or DIY!

Pink Metallic Arrow Pillow, $18

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.08.39 PM

Just The Right Direction Tank, $30

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.10.19 PM

Gold Arrow Print, $5


Watercolor Arrow Print, $12


Monogram Tribal Arrow Notebook, $14


DIY Wooden Arrows | Directions here


Decor Inspiration: Summertime Design


How gorgeous is this cheery summer decor? Perfect for a beach house or any home that you want to make feel bigger and more open. The light and bright color palette is the perfect blend of costal contemporary that would make even the biggest pessimist a ball of sunshine. This look was featured in Harper’s Bazar and would cost a pretty penny to copy in your own home! Recreate the look with my budget-friendly picks and the perfect summer paradise right in your own living room.

Brentwood Outdoor Pillow, TJMaxx, $10 each

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.21.24 PM

Pack a punch on your couch– decorate with bright patterned pillows accented by solid ones in a complimentary color. I love the design on this pillow. Yellow is a color that just doesn’t get enough recognition. It is so cheery and really brightens up a room. Plus, it looks great on a linen couch. Although these are outdoor pillows they can be used indoors, especially if you have kids or critters. You’ll appreciate how durable they are. At $10 a pop, you can afford to pick a few up and then rotate them out once we say so long to summer!

Aquanova Taco Tray, Amara $29

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.25.33 PM

A pretty tray is the easiest (and most organized) way to dress up your coffee table. I love this lacquered aqua tray for a few reasons. First, it is so beautiful but second, it can provide a home for odds and ends that you are not quite sure what to do with.  I keep a stack of magazines or coffee table books in mine, along with a silk arrangement of peonies. It also is a great place to hold coaters (or put a drink on if a coaster isn’t in reach) and TV remote.

Brass Round Coral Bowl, Ethan Allen $249


Mimic the seaside feel of this tablescape with a kitchy coral bowl. If you plan to keep your decor costal all year long you can easily “winterize” your living room by adding a few natural wicker spheres to the bowl. This bowl looks way more expensive than it is and can be a fun alternative if crystal or china isn’t exactly your style.

Thomas Linen Sectional in Cream, One Kings Lane $2,599


When my husband and I were picking out furniture I HAD to HAVE a couch with grommets. It was the one piece I would not compromise on! At the time it was hard to find a good quality, affordable couch with beautiful details like this one. Our couch is more like a love seat (although the salesperson insisted that it was full size) and it barely fits the both of us on move night. I love this couch from One Kings Lane. Sectionals are certainly the way to go! There is more than enough room for everyone to stretch out and it is especially great for entertaining– I wish I had found this one two years ago.

Signature Design Coffee Table, Wayfair $299


This table is the perfect centerpiece of your living room. Big enough to be practical (love the bottom shelf) and so beautiful! The natural wood look and casual style push the beach theme of this room home. The glossy aqua tray and the vintage wood provide a nice contract that makes sense!

Lexie Geometric Print Curtain Pair, Overstock.com $32

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.45.02 PM

Geometric prints (no matter the design) usually pair nicely– thats why I love these curtains and the pillows together! Aqua blue and yellow is a cheery, beach combination that will make your space look bigger than it is. If you want to match your curtains and pillows like the inspiration image above you can easily pick out upholstery fabric at your local craft store (I like JoAnn Crafts). Ask the salesperson at the fabric counter for help on measuring out how much you will need– they will most likely be able to tell you!

Pillow Talk

I feel as though the major battle between husband and wife when it comes to home décor is agreeing on an appropriate number of pillows for each piece of furniture. I can’t get enough of them. Chris (and 99% of husbands around the world) find toss pillows useless.

I find that though disturbing.

Here is how I jazzed up my amazing couch from La-Z-Boy with some cute accessories.

photo 1

Pillows from left to right:

Aqua Blue Pillow– Chris and I actually made this pillow! The fabric is pre-cut from Michael’s. Pillows are easy to make! If you find fabric you love but are not sure what to do with it just ask for a yard (it is enough to make one big pillow or two smaller pillows like the one in this photo) and sew it up almost until it is closed. Stuff with plush stuffing (also at Michael’s) and sew up.

His & Hers Pillow– I picked this pillow up at T.J. Maxx about six months before we got married. It used to have a home on our bed but we recently got a new duvet and pillows that matched, so I found a new place for it! I have seen this pillow and the “Mr. & Mrs.” version floating around at Home Goods. You may still be able to find it! Here is a similar burlap style pillow from Etsy!

Orange Pom Pom Pillow– Recently picked this one up at Bed & Bath! Now is a great time to shop for throw pillows there because they have many different collections for college students. This pillow was so unique and I though it would be a great addition to the one behind it (which I also picked up at Bed & Bath). Don’t forget to bring your 20% off coupon!

Boho Print Pillow: I LOVE the print on this pillow! I wanted a boho look for my living room couch and I though that mixing and matching prints would be perfect. I stuck with an orange/red color pallet for this side of the couch. This pillow was a little expensive ($49.99) but I think it is so versatile that you can match it with many different colors or prints.

Square Printed Pillow: I just picked this one up today at the Long Beach craft fair. It is from Surf Chic Designs– check them out online! I loved all their pillows but this one was the most perfect for my couch.

photo 3

I mixed and matched patterns, colors and sizes to create a fun splash of color in my mainly neutral living room. The coffee table (which is actually a wooden wine trunk) is from Pier1 as is the tray. Here are a few of my picks for other great throw pillows!


Want right now: Joss & Main

If you haven’t discovered Joss & Main then just stop what you are doing and head on over to their site and SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT! Seriously, you have been missing out and I feel as though it is my duty to make you aware of the awesomeness that is Joss & Main. You can sign up now by using this referral link: http://www.jossandmain.com/invite/A78069.

Trust me, you will love me and hate me all at the same time. It is ADDICTING but you will be able to furnish your house at a fraction of the price. Joss & Main is like Gilt.com for your home– Think HomeGoods meets Rue La La. Each day Joss & Main introduce you to new sample sales that are carefully selected to fit into a theme. Right now my favorite event is “California Dreaming” – a collection of home items that will make your space look effortlessly fresh and laid back.

Here are some of my favorite picks from this week’s sales. Note: if you are reading this blog and time has passed since I posted then you will most likely find the links below to be dead links since the site ends sales to make room for new ones. This is just a sampling of the styles that Joss & Main offers! I will say that many of the sales have a similar flavor- country cottage, garden chic, laid back cool or fresh and airy styles. I always find items that I love and I am always adding things to my wishlist!


CRYSTAL CAVES SOFA. Image: Jossandmain.com

The best part about buying a couch are the accent pillows that they “throw” in (see what I did there?). I LOVE this couch. In fact, it looks very similar to the one Chris and I have on order for our home. People always tell me that a cream colored couch is a bad idea, especially if you have company over and someone is wearing blue jeans. I’ll admit, that kind of scares me but I am overcome with joy when I think about how AWESOME my couch is going to look in my living room!

I love the look of cream/neutral colored couch and a fun, brightly painted accent wall behind it. There are many options for treating a couch to prevent stains. It can be costly but I think that it is so worth it! Cream colored pieces of furniture can make a room look bigger and open– add accent mirrors and you just doubled your space without moving. This couch is $2,399 and comes with all four pillows featured above. You bet that if I had this couch that my accent wall would be painted turquoise in a second. Coral + Turquoise is my favorite combo and reminds me of summer all year long.

CLAUDIA TABLE LAMP. Image: jossandmain.com

CLAUDIA TABLE LAMP. Image: jossandmain.com

This lamp is so beautiful and matches almost every room in my house. I love the unique globe design and the pretty metallic accents. The more I look at it the closer I am to ordering two for my bedroom! Each lamp is $110.95 and unfortunately does not come in a set (you’ll have to buy two separate lamps). Even though the price tag is a little steep I think that this piece is totally worth it. Get two and watch how it transforms your bedroom, living room or even your office space.



A floor mirror can be so chic and add a great amount of character to any space. Whether you plan of adding this piece to your bedroom, walk in closet or even entryway, it will fit right in. I like the idea of a floor mirror as opposed to a wall mirror because it just gives your space a “boutique” kind of feel. I also think that it a floor mirror seems regal and rich- this one especially. The mother of pearl inlay will match a number of decor styles and it gives off subtle shimmer that will add brightness to a room. My closet is a walk in but it is not huge. I’ve seen large floor mirrors that I loved but I would hate to waste wall space (closet space!) on such a big mirror. This one is a great compromise and gets the job done while looking sleek.

MARTA RUG. Image: jossandmain.com

MARTA RUG. Image: jossandmain.com

Ombre. Pink. Artistic design. Three things I can’t resist in a rug! This accent rug will add a fun pop of color to any neutral room. This would be beautiful under a coffee table or in your master bedroom. This is a generous sized rug at a great price point- it’s just $89 (regularly price at nearly $240!). Add this to your dining room and you’ll always have a conversation piece to get everyone talking!

Now that you are totally salivating sign up for a Joss & Main account! You can furnish a brand new home in one hour or add just a few accent pieces to freshen up your space for spring!

One more thing before I go…

Joss Gold is a great way to save on shipping. You simply pay $9.99 the first time you order and then receive free shipping for 30 days after that purchase. Makes shopping that much sweeter!