My favorite Christmas movies of all time

I can’t imagine a more perfect December Friday night than curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and a Christmas movie! 

Here is my list of all-time favorite holiday films- everything from romance to drama to comedy – and sometimes all three in one! Check out my list and let me know how many you have seen… or how many you watch this month! I included the category of movie as well as where you can watch them on demand tonight!

The Holiday – This is one of my go-to holiday romance movies! Who can resist Jude Law in a cozy English cottage? It’s all about two women who do a house exchange for the holidays and find love when they are not looking. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet are the leads alongside Law and Jack Black. [romance/drama] – watch on demand with Amazon Prime Video! 

The Family Stone – I LOVE this movie. It is all about a FUN/dysFUNctional family from Connecticut. The cast is incredible (Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams to name a few) and the story line that makes you feel all the feels. It reminds me of everything that makes being home for the holidays so special. [comedy/romance/drama] watch on demand with Amazon Prime Video! 

Four Christmases – Two reasons why you’ll love this: Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. You will recognize Favreau if you are a Friends fan, or if you have seen The Breakup. This movie also stars Reese Witherspoon and it’s all about a couple that tries to avoid their families during the holidays by traveling. But not this year… [comedy] watch on demand with Amazon Prime Video! 

A Bad Moms Christmas – If you are a mom (or even if you’re not) you’ll want to watch this hysterical  movie (but without the kids). We can all relate to these “bad moms” especially this time of year. The weight of expectations, the desire to pull out “all the stops” for the kids, dealing with family dynamics – this tackles all of that in a lighthearted way. [comedy] – watch on demand on Hulu. 

Daddy’s Home 2 – Even if you haven’t seen the first one you can still pee your pants watching the sequel. If you want a FUNNY holiday movie, put this on your list! Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg are all in it and they are a comedy power trio. All about blended families and how they share the holidays. [comedy] – watch on demand on Hulu. 

A December Bride – Any 90210 fans out there? This Hallmark movie stars Jessica Lowndes as an aspiring interior designer wishing to have a December wedding. She ends up agreeing to decorate the home of the man who broke up her engagement by setting up her then fiancé with his new fiancé- who also happens to be her cousin! You’ll love the ending. I think it’s the BEST Hallmark movie! [romance] – watch on demand with Amazon Prime Video! 

Christmas With A View – The cutest Christmas movie on Netflix! I love the stars and the storyline. It is all about Clara, a former restaurant owner who now manages a cozy restaurant at a ski resort. A celebrity chef begins a 6 month partnership with the resort and Clara begins to fall for him. Is it cheesy? Kinda. Is it everything you’d want in a Christmas romance movie? YES! [romance/drama] – watch on demand on Netflix! 

The Princess Switch– This movie is seriously SO CUTE. No matter your age you will love it- and I think it would be a perfect “girls night” … add some fuzzy slippers, hot chocolate and a dessert charcuterie board and you’re good to go! Vanessa Hudgens stars as the lead x 2 …. she enters a baking competition and discovers she looks identical to the Princess of Belgravia.  The two switch places for a few days and romance develops. Seriously- watch it tonight (it’s on Netflix). [romance] – watch on demand on Netflix! 

Home Alone – A classic. You don’t need need a synopsis on this one. Just know it is the best out of the trilogy. 😉 PS- if you didn’t see it last year, check out the Google Home commercial with Macaulay Culkin!  [comedy] – watch on demand on Hulu! 

The Santa Clause Trilogy – Tim Allen will forever be Santa in my heart. I love the first movie (growing up it was my favorite) but in my house we watch the third movie the most often because Allen spends the most time as Santa – and Audriana loves it! [comedy]. – watch on demand on Hulu! 




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