DIY: Floral Wreath

It’s true what they say…

Why buy it for $20 online when you can drive to the craft store, search through dozens of aslies, stock up on everything you need for a project and make it yourself for $100? 

I’ve fallen into that trap many times. But there is something so satisfying when you DIY a project yourself. 

I love making these easy floral wreaths. I made one for spring/summer that I am about to retire so I figured I would cash in on some of the Labor Day Sales and craft one for fall. 

Trust me, it looks more complicated than it actually is! Anyone can make a wreath like this, even if you are not so artistically inclined. I promise! 

Here is what you’ll need: 

– 1 styrofoam wreath (I am working on a medium sized one buy pick the size that will fit your door the best). 

– a variety of stems (pick your favorite color palette. I did creams, oranges and purples, but deep reds, yellows, greens and blues are all beautiful this time of year). 

**note- you’ll have to estimate the number of stems you will need for the size wreath you pick. Try to eyeball it but save your receipts incase you have anything you don’t use. 

– hot glue gun 

– spray paint (optional) 

Here is my set up! All of my stems and my wreath. Before you get started you can opt to spray paint your wreath to disguise any spots that may end up a little bare at the end. Today I skipped this step but if I had more time I would have painted the wreath gold. 

First thing you’ll have to do is remove the flowers from the stems. In most cases they will just pop right off but if they don’t you can just cut them. 

Keep taking them all off until you have enough to complete your wreath. I used up all of my flowers and taupe leaves in this case. 

Once you are all set with your flowers you can begin to lay our your wreath. The easiest way to do this is to stick the ends of each flower into the wreath where you want to glue them down. If you decide to change the position of any flower you can do it before actually gluing them down. 

Keep going until your entire wreath is full. Once you have added all the flowers it’s time to glue them down! I like to pick a starting point and work my way around the wreath, taking out each flower individually, applying glue to the end and then inserting the flower stem back into the hole you created when you initially pushed it into the styrofoam. 

After you have glued everything down it’s time to add the leaves! Insert and glue down leaves and fillers any place you think needs a little extra something! 

Check to make sure every flower and leaf is secure (don’t worry— the hot glue will withstand wind, rain and even snow!! Your wreath will be just fine on your door all season long, although you may think it seems a little flimsy). 

You can add a pretty bow or glue down other pieces like glittered pumpkins or acorns. I kept mine simple this time but a burlap bow would be super cute! 

All finished! How easy was that?! 


Let me know if you decide to make your own! I purchased all my supplies at Michaels today because stems were 40% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon. The stems and the wreath cost me $35. I had the hot glue gun already so total cost was only $35! 

And just for some more inspiration here is the spring version I made back in April! 


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