Stitch Fix Review- June 2015


I have officially been a Stitch Fix subscriber for one full year!

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers five handpicked pieces to you each month. When you sign up you complete a survey that assesses what you love, what to hate and what you can’t live without. A stylist is assigned to you and based on your answers she sends you clothing and accessories that she thinks you’d want to wear. There is a $20 styling fee per fix, which can be applied toward your purchase should you choose to keep any of the items.

If you are like me you get super excited when you see a package at your doorstep. I love getting my monthly fix because it is always a surprise when I open that box. Sometimes my stylist totally gets me. Like when she sent me a black RD Style sweater that I already had in cream and NEEDED to find in another color. Or when she shipped me a faux leather reversible tote that was brown on one side and black on the other (that is forever my bag battle– which color do I get!?). It is like she read my mind for those fixes.

But sometimes, like this month, I really wish I could read HER mind to know what she was thinking when she put my fix together! Here are my thoughts on all of the items in my fix!

Bay to Baubles Misha Floral Gem Necklace, $34 


My first thought is “pretty” and my second is “I think I have something like it already.” But pretty nonetheless, and I have been really big into statement jewelry lately. I like that it is purple and gold (two of my favorite colors) so I am considering keeping it if nothing else works out. Lately I have kept some of the accessory items only because I didn’t want to lose my $20 styling fee. The necklace is certainly my style, I’m just not sure if I NEED it. On to the next item in the box…

Market & Spruce Short Sleeve Tee, $44


As soon as I pulled this out I knew I didn’t want it. I am generally not a tee shirt kind of gal, but I decided to try this one on anyway because it was soft and I loved color. I’m not a fan of the fit or length and I just can’t justify spending $44 on a tee shirt. A little pricey for such a Plain Jane top. Not keeping for sure!

Ezra Maud Mixed Material Knit Top, $48 


At first glance this top isn’t so bad. I like that it is roomy and has a little flare at the bottom (I usually gravitate tops with this silhouette), so I am not opposed to trying it on. Once it is on I hate it. I feel like I look like a little girl wearing an adult sized version of one of my back to school outfits from the third grade. The mix of patterns is fun but possibly a little too juvenile for me. Back in the box it goes!

Kut From The Kloth Danny Pant, $68 (also pictured above)

These are really comfy! Not too high and not too low– actually a perfect rise! They are basically a knit ponte pant with lots of stretch. As a makeup artist I really appreciate a stretchy and comfy black pant that don’t look like slacks. This pair can be dressed up to the point where I look professional but not like I am about to head in to a board meeting. If I didn’t already have a bunch of pants just like these I would have kept them. A great fit!

Moon Collection Bailee Poncho, $58


Here is the pièce de résistance of the entire fix– the Bailee Poncho. When I saw a bulky sweater in the box I said to myself “You have GOT to be kidding me!” For those of you (including my stylist) that don’t know, I live on Long Island, about a stone’s throw away from the beach. It is June (and officially summer as of yesterday) and it is HOT. If I wore this poncho out now, even if it was let’s say a “mild” day of 70 degrees, everyone would look at me like I was CRAZY. That point aside, I LOVE IT! I love, love, LOVE the color. And the fit. I even love how soft it feels. I want to keep it but I am not sure if it makes sense. The color is super summery and I have a small obsession with coral, but can I really wear it in the fall? Is it too summery for fall but too wintery for summer?! That is why I need your help!

Help me decide what to keep– the poncho or the necklace? Leave me a note in the comments with which one you think is the better buy! Remember, I get to apply my $20 fee, so the necklace would be $14 and the poncho would be $38.

Overall this fix was certainly not my favorite. After a year of fixes I can honestly say there has not been one shipment that I really wanted to keep all five pieces (if you do you get 25% off your entire purchase!). Some fixes have been better than others and I usually end up loving one, maybe two items. The quality of the clothing is quite good and there are brands that I know and love like Olive & Oak, Just Black Jeans and Street Level. I like the personalized service and the fun of trying on the pieces each month. I will for sure continue to get fixes through the next year!

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself you can sign up here!! Try it and tell me what you think!

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