Lusting For…

Things I am dying to get my hands on right NOW. Good thing my birthday is next month!




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I am LOVING the print and the shape of the Marla Dreams Dress from Free People. It is also available in a a black/pink combo but this navy/pink color is so much prettier! If you visit the Free People site you’ll see some photos of real gals wearing this style. Trust me, you’ll want it even more after you see how easy-chic this piece is. At $128 it certainty isn’t a bargain buy BUT it is a dress that you can pair with tights now and wear with sandals come summer. 



Image credit: Michael Kors

Image credit: Michael Kors

I think it is pretty obvious why I love these boots so much. Real leather, classic MK style and something that will last me years. At $295 I think that these are a great, affordable (did I mention REAL LEATHER) riding boot. A customer of mine was wearing them today and I have been obsessed with getting them into my life ever since. PS- these are regularly priced everywhere around the internet BUT are ON SALE for $220 (Um… that is my birthday. I think that is a sign that I actually do NEED these boots) on If you get these are wear a size 9 do not tell me because I WILL come to your house and take these off your hands!


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I have a love/hate relationship with winter months. After about three weeks of summer I start dreaming of riding boots, sweaters and coats. Then after about three weeks of winter in New York I am cursing myself for hating on the summer weather so much and rushing it along. Even though I wish it were spring right now I am happy that the temperatures are still teetering around freezing. Cold weather means I could wear this coat— that is, if I had it. Until I get it (or until it is sold out so that I can’t get it) I will dream about wrapping myself in this perfect style specimen.

One more thing before I go…

February means that spring styles will soon be arriving in all your favorite major stores. That also means that stores are seriously trying to get rid of all that winter merchandise as we speak! Shop great sales (better than Black Friday AND after Christmas sales) now! Think about purchasing timeless (not trendy) pieces that you will still be able to get use out of next season. Great style pieces to invest in during this time of year? Winter coats, leather items (think: gloves, jackets…) and boots!

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