Want right now: Joss & Main

If you haven’t discovered Joss & Main then just stop what you are doing and head on over to their site and SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT! Seriously, you have been missing out and I feel as though it is my duty to make you aware of the awesomeness that is Joss & Main. You can sign up now by using this referral link: http://www.jossandmain.com/invite/A78069.

Trust me, you will love me and hate me all at the same time. It is ADDICTING but you will be able to furnish your house at a fraction of the price. Joss & Main is like Gilt.com for your home– Think HomeGoods meets Rue La La. Each day Joss & Main introduce you to new sample sales that are carefully selected to fit into a theme. Right now my favorite event is “California Dreaming” – a collection of home items that will make your space look effortlessly fresh and laid back.

Here are some of my favorite picks from this week’s sales. Note: if you are reading this blog and time has passed since I posted then you will most likely find the links below to be dead links since the site ends sales to make room for new ones. This is just a sampling of the styles that Joss & Main offers! I will say that many of the sales have a similar flavor- country cottage, garden chic, laid back cool or fresh and airy styles. I always find items that I love and I am always adding things to my wishlist!


CRYSTAL CAVES SOFA. Image: Jossandmain.com

The best part about buying a couch are the accent pillows that they “throw” in (see what I did there?). I LOVE this couch. In fact, it looks very similar to the one Chris and I have on order for our home. People always tell me that a cream colored couch is a bad idea, especially if you have company over and someone is wearing blue jeans. I’ll admit, that kind of scares me but I am overcome with joy when I think about how AWESOME my couch is going to look in my living room!

I love the look of cream/neutral colored couch and a fun, brightly painted accent wall behind it. There are many options for treating a couch to prevent stains. It can be costly but I think that it is so worth it! Cream colored pieces of furniture can make a room look bigger and open– add accent mirrors and you just doubled your space without moving. This couch is $2,399 and comes with all four pillows featured above. You bet that if I had this couch that my accent wall would be painted turquoise in a second. Coral + Turquoise is my favorite combo and reminds me of summer all year long.

CLAUDIA TABLE LAMP. Image: jossandmain.com

CLAUDIA TABLE LAMP. Image: jossandmain.com

This lamp is so beautiful and matches almost every room in my house. I love the unique globe design and the pretty metallic accents. The more I look at it the closer I am to ordering two for my bedroom! Each lamp is $110.95 and unfortunately does not come in a set (you’ll have to buy two separate lamps). Even though the price tag is a little steep I think that this piece is totally worth it. Get two and watch how it transforms your bedroom, living room or even your office space.



A floor mirror can be so chic and add a great amount of character to any space. Whether you plan of adding this piece to your bedroom, walk in closet or even entryway, it will fit right in. I like the idea of a floor mirror as opposed to a wall mirror because it just gives your space a “boutique” kind of feel. I also think that it a floor mirror seems regal and rich- this one especially. The mother of pearl inlay will match a number of decor styles and it gives off subtle shimmer that will add brightness to a room. My closet is a walk in but it is not huge. I’ve seen large floor mirrors that I loved but I would hate to waste wall space (closet space!) on such a big mirror. This one is a great compromise and gets the job done while looking sleek.

MARTA RUG. Image: jossandmain.com

MARTA RUG. Image: jossandmain.com

Ombre. Pink. Artistic design. Three things I can’t resist in a rug! This accent rug will add a fun pop of color to any neutral room. This would be beautiful under a coffee table or in your master bedroom. This is a generous sized rug at a great price point- it’s just $89 (regularly price at nearly $240!). Add this to your dining room and you’ll always have a conversation piece to get everyone talking!

Now that you are totally salivating sign up for a Joss & Main account! You can furnish a brand new home in one hour or add just a few accent pieces to freshen up your space for spring!

One more thing before I go…

Joss Gold is a great way to save on shipping. You simply pay $9.99 the first time you order and then receive free shipping for 30 days after that purchase. Makes shopping that much sweeter!

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