Fancy Finds [at Target]

There are TONS of designer-inspired finds out there! You just need to search a little (but it also helps when you know where to look!). Here are some great items I found (for fashion and home) at Target that have a flavor to them that reminds me of Kate Spade! All of these items when were purchased today and can still be found at your local Target. Here is what I scooped up:

photo (1)

From the top down:


Photo Credit: Sugar Paper Blog

Photo Credit: Sugar Paper Blog

I freaked when I saw this planner at Target today (which, by the way, was only $9.99)! For those of you who don’t know, Sugar Paper is a Los Angeles based stationary company.  Their style is very similar to J. Crew and Kate Spade and they have some of the cutest designs ever. If you know me then you know that I am a sucker for paper goods. I love notebooks, planners, personalized thank you cards- basically everything that Sugar Paper offers on their website. Items on their site range from $16 for a notebook to $96 for a pretty pink recipe box.

The Sugar Paper for Target collection features notebooks, datebooks, wall and desk calendars and mini weekly planners. Prices range from $4.99 to $14.99- great price points when compared to the original Sugar Paper products. And the polka dots make this planner feel as if I spend $50 and purchased it from Kate Spade- a fancy find indeed! Take a look at all the awesome Kate Spade polka dot products that have a similar pattern by clicking here.

GREEN ROOM mini notebooks


These mini notebooks are SO CUTE. They are only $3.99 a pop and there are four different designs. I bought the pink and gold polka dots and the white and gold stripe. Even though these notebooks are not by Sugar Paper the white and gold one is a direct replica from Sugar Paper, which originally retails for $16!

These are perfect for keeping to-do lists, grocery lists, planning out your day or keeping a day-journal for each child or baby (color coordination makes everything easier!). If you are in college you could also use these to take notes for different classes. They are small enough that if you purchased all four they would barely take up room in your bag. The gold polka dots remind of this notebook for Kate Spade. A chic inspired find for 1/4 the price.



Photo Credit:

I’ve been on the hunt for over sized button earrings like these! When I was in college there was a small jewelry vendor called Bella U that would set up a pop-up shop in the student center every few months. The owner of the company handmade earrings that looked very similar to these. I have a pair that I bought from her (along with a bunch of other awesome jewels) and I LOVE them.

These have a similar feel (I especially love that they are so substantial) and the color is SO  perfect for spring. They also come in coral (here) and ivory (here). Had I seen the ivory today I would have scooped that color up too! If flowers are not your thing but you still want to give the button style earring a try I also loved these and these. Also check out these Kate Spade earrings that look very similar to the Target find. The only difference is that mine cost $7.99 and the KS version cost $48!

Each time I step into a Target I find that I don’t leave without spending at least $50 on things that I didn’t plan on buying- I always leave with SOMETHING. If you are trying to find a designer-inspired item (no matter what department it might be in) Target is a great place to check.

My total for all three items was $25.96. That’s less than a week or Starbucks or a little more than half the price of those fancy Kate Spade flower earrings from Lord & Taylor. Not bad for some snow day cheap thrills!

One more thing before I go…

There are certainly times when I splurge on the real thing! But I think that when it comes to fashion -especially designer fashion- the time to SAVE is when you are trying a trend. Why invest in something that will be in one season and out the next? The best designer investments are the ones you make on timeless pieces like a structured, REAL leather bag, classic pearl earrings or a beautiful cashmere sweater. These are items that are worth the money because they will last and you know that they are made with care. You’ll reach for these pieces season after season so you want to be sure that they hold up!

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