REVIEW: COVERGIRL Bombshell Mascara

If you still believe that you NEED to spend $20+ on a department store mascara for you to have amazing lashes, let me convince you otherwise.

I change my mascara weekly. This is not because I want to– I just haven’t found a formula that wows me. It seems as though every mascara that has a cult following just doesn’t impress me. I never understood the hype behind Dior Show and Givenchy’s little ball wand. I do however, really like Benefit’s They’re Real (I use this on almost all my clients because it literally will take even the smallest lashes and magnify them, like 400%!). That is the ONLY mascara that I will pay over $10 for because as a makeup artist it sames me time (I usually only need 2 coats and only have about 2 seconds to apply– so it works). But I don’t even use They’re Real on myself everyday because my lashes are already pretty dark and long. I just don’t have super thick lashes. That being said, I often end up trying drugstore mascaras whenever I see a new one out.

I just discovered COVERGIRL’s new Bombshell Mascara and I LOVE it. Seriously, we are in a full-on committed relationship right now and I am addicted. Here’s why:

As good as They’re Real is in the lengthening department, it can’t even hold a candle to Bombshell in all other respects.

  • COVERGIRL’s formula is SUPER buildable (meaning you can literally apply TEN COATS and it will NOT get clumpy)
  • The two sided wand helps you achieve perfect coverage
  • The shorter wand length allows you to get those TINY lashes in the corner of your eyes to really OPEN them up and make you look WIDE awake!
  • Add lots of volume and makes you look like you have tons of lashes.
  • Oh, and it lasts all day. No running.


The major selling point of this mascara for me personally is that you can build it. Maybe one day I just want a natural look and then the next I want to go all out with diva lashes. You can do both with this one mascara. This makes it great for traveling and saves room in your makeup bag. Also, the tube is purple. And I love purple.

Here are my lashes after applying Bombshell in this configuration: 3 coats of side one, 5 coats of side 2 on each lash.



As a makeup artist I highly recommend you check this mascara out! As your average makeup lover I really think that this is one of the best drugstore finds for 2013!!! It is super affordable and it WORKS! No false promises here– just the look of false lashes!

You can buy Bombshell Mascara at Walgreens here. Use the code NEWYOU14 for 14% off!

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and I purchased this mascara with my own funds. I was not paid to review this product.

One more thing before I go…

Just because something is super expensive doesn’t necessarily means it is “the best.”

Just because something is super inexpensive doesn’t mean it wont work well.

Think about it!

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