Home Inspiration: Color, Contrast and Classic Designs

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As we get closer and closer to moving into our home it seems as though all the photos I have pinned, saved, screen-shotted and tucked away have become impossible to sort through. My style is rustic-chic meets Dollywood. It kind of sounds possible in my head. After all, Dolly was a country girl herself, wasn’t she?


1. Obsessing over this deliciously sunny kitchen table area. The benches provide a cozy little nook for reading, crafting or just getting comfy while eating breakfast. I love the dual storage under the seats (perfect for stashing away large, flat kitchen items like bake ware, cutting boards or even holiday items you don’t use very often.  I am all about creating extra storage space where I can because I have PLENTY of stuff to store! The POP of color provided by the pillows makes me think of citrus fruits. Perfect for the kitchen.

2. So, it may not be as magical or as big as Carrie Bradshaw’s closet but this petite setup is perfect for stashing away your current wardrobe. Summer items take up much less space than winter items (all those chunky knits and clunky boots take up so much space!). Hang your summer dresses, work wardrobe and blouses. Fold sweaters on the shelves, stack jeans and throw away shoe boxes (sounds freightening but trust me you will be SO much happier in the end. But more on this later…) A small closet like this well designed one will help you get organized in 2014 once and for all. Plus, you can head on over to Home Depot and get a closet just like this one for less than $400!

3. Neutrals are so calming. I love the look of this bedroom for that very reason. I believe that the bedroom should be a clean space where vivid color takes a back seat to soft and cozy elements. My favorite color combos for the bedroom are grey and turquoise, stone and lavender and tan and robin’s egg blue.

Don’t you just want to jump on in and take a nap?

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Here are some great neutral colors from Benjamin Moore Paints to get you thinking about how you can makeover your sleeping space with a can of paint and some imagination!

IA_promo_staging_maximize_436x199 IA_promo_staging_neutralize_436x199

Hope this post inspires you like it did me!

And one more thing before I go…

You may not want to part with those shoe boxes but hear me out! If you invest in a great tired shoe cabinet (or even an old bookshelf from a flea market!) you will have no use for those space sucking boxes. Once everything is on display you won’t have to rummage through every box and dig around to find the right shoe. Eliminate that clutter, get rid of those boxes and feel FREE. The sooner you unbox everything the more choices you will have when getting dressed. Seriously, when was the last time you wore that pair in the very last box allllllllllll the way at the bottom of that stack in the corner of your closet?



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